World's VERY FIRST software That Allows You To Schedule ANY Content Posts From Your Personal Facebook Profile as well as ANY groups on Facebook

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Imagine All The Time You Would SAVE To Be Able To Schedule Your Posts In Advance


Imagine All The Time You Would SAVE To Be Able To Schedule Your Posts In Advance


  • Your Personal Profile: This is a big honey pot for organic marketing. Post Scheduler helps you turn your personal Facebook profile into a lead and sales engine. 
  • Facebook Groups: Facebook groups are a secret weapon to build an audience, get leads, and make sales. Post Scheduler works in any group. 
  • Other Peoples Personal Profiles: You can use Post Scheduler on anyone's personal Facebook profile if you can already post to it. 

Are You Still Wasting Time Posting Contents?


Leverage Time

Post Scheduler helps you stop wasting so much of your time doing things that can be easily automated. While you save all that time you can be doing other things that you love doing or be working on tasks that actually make you money.

Get Proven Results

Post Scheduler help you follow a proven process of posting the right mix of the right type of content on a very consistent bases. Using Post Scheduler you easily plan and see your entire content and promotional schedule

Gain More Sales

Once you start following the simple consistent content strategy you can begin to see more leads and more sales coming in from your content. Be smart and make more using Post Scheduler for your content posting

Why did I build Post Scheduler?

It all started in December of 2017. I was 3+ years into running my own software company I started from nothing, I had already grown it to over 30+ full time employees and over 3 million dollars in revenue.  But I wasn't really happy. 

You see I was selling software engineering services. Companies, mostly software firms, would hire me and my company to build their SaaS products for them.  I was basically selling my time for money as many of us do, really I was doing pretty much the same thing that I left when I decided to start my own company, and I wasn't really happy. 

I had my own dreams of amazing software I wanted to bring to life to the world, but that was all sitting on the back burner while I did what I thought I had to in order to grow my company and pay my employees.  I had already built many software applications for myself and my business, but I just couldn't focus on them since I had all my clients I had to focus on. 

I decided it was time for a change, to follow my real passion, so I had to learn marketing. I started with Facebook organic marketing. I started teaching people about chatbots and automation. I learned how to do organic marketing on Facebook and turned my Facebook account into a money making machine. 

The more success I found the harder it became.

So now I"m on this journey, I'm using Facebook as a marketing tool to build an audience and to sell all my things. The bigger my audience got and the more posts I made about my offers, the harder it got to keep up. It basically turned into a full time job just responding to all the leads who commented on my posts that they were interested in my offers. 

So like every problem I encounter in my business, I figured out a way to solve it with software.  I built Post Profits to leverage all the things I had learned about marketing and selling things on Facebook, and built a software that would automate the simplest tasks that were taking the most amount of my time, so I could focus on other things, like my wife and monkeys. 

There were similar solutions I saw put out there by  your "average run of the mill marketers". I bought them, they didn't work. They either didn't work at all, didn't work most of the time, or caused a lot more problems and headaches then just doing the shit manually.  So being a software engineer who runs a professional software engineering firm, I basically said FUCK it. 

And so we built Post Profits (and the bullshit marketers stealing your money called me a scam)

Want to See How Post Scheduler Can Save You Time?


Everything You Need To Free Up Time & Get More Sales!

.....and no, you don't need to be tech savvy to use it!  

Get Content Ideas

While you're scrolling through Facebook and see posts with huge engagement, offering a lot of value, making perfect offers, you can easily save them into your content idea library so you can model them at a later date. .

If you ever find yourself missing content for the day or are just feeling lazy you can always just dip into your content ideal library you've built and get ideals for your posts. 

Schedule With Post Scheduler

Once you are ready to craft your post simple use Post Scheduler to create, format, and schedule your post. Post Scheduler will automatically post your post on your personal profile, groups you are in, or even on someone else's profile.   

You can create months or even years of content in advanced that will automatically be posted exactly when and where you want it to be.  

Evaluate Your Content Schedule

Post Scheduler doesn't just automate your posting for you, it also functions as a content and promotional scheduler. There are certain types of content you should be posting often to really maximize your marketing efforts.

Post Scheduler makes it very easy for you to look at, measure and gauge your content scheduler and content type distribution so you can make sure you have the perfect content mix. 

Get More Leads And Sales

The keys to getting more leads and sales are simple. Show up. Be consistent, and post the right mixture of post types. There's no reason to complicate this and make it difficult. If you're using Facebook to generate leads and make sales you'll find that Post Scheduler is an invaluable tool in your arsenal. 

Post Scheduler helps you make sure you are following all the keys to getting more leads and sales. Post Scheduler makes it easy for you. 

Meet The Software Co-Owner & Partner

My name is Kevin C Tsai, I'm a full-time Software Owner & Organic Marketing Expert that helps Agency Owners, Entrepreneurs & Coaches automate their business & system process through software.

One of the biggest struggles I was facing myself in marketing my own agency business, was the time it took for me to plan, organize and post my contents across my own profile, my groups and other groups where my ideal clients "hang out".  

So, we have come up with a solution that solves this very problem for me, and many of my clients.  

In fact, this is the VERY FIRST & ONLY software that allows you to post on your PERSONAL FACEBOOK PROFILE and enables you to schedule your posts days, weeks and months ahead of time.  

When you get in NOW, you will lock in Beta Pricing of just $27/m as well as access to ALL FUTURE UPDATES FOR FREE.  (Price will increase to $47/m ANYTIME WITHOUT NOTICE) 

Meet the Post Scheduler Support and Development Team

Post Scheduler is built, maintained, updated,  and supported by the world class software engineering firm Tier5 that is backed by over 50+ full time software engineers. So you can rest assure that with every Facebook algorithm update, we'll have your back covered!  

PLUS Get Access to My Private Support Group (PRICELESS)

I started this group as a way to help my users, clients and partners to get support, trainings and updates to our range of 20+ softwares solutions.  Most importantly, this is a way for you to get direct access to me and my mentorship (I normally charge $300/hr) to help you scale & automate your business to reach more ideal clients on Facebook.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Hear It From Our Users

Sophie Sion Byde, Founder of MillionaireMum Youtube Channel

Thaddeus Tondu, Founder of

Charlie Brown, Business Coach of RealCharlieBrown .com

William Barclay, Founder Of

Martin Palotas, Success Coach of

Aziz Issa, Affiliate Marketer


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Leverage your friends birthday to build trust, get leads & make sales

Automatically post and send birthday messages on Auto-Pilot

NEW! Send dynamic birthday cards with personalized names!

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Questions You May Have (FAQ)

The way Post Scheduler is built it actually posts to your personal Facebook profile the exact same way you would. There's actually no difference in the way you would normally post and how Post Scheduler automatically posts for you. We have tested this over and over and over with a group of closed beta testers. We found no evidence that posts created with Post Scheduler got any less engagement than posts created without Post Scheduler.

Yes, Post Scheduler is specifically built to post from your personal Facebook profile to your personal profile and to groups that your a member of, as well as your own groups.

You can easily attach images to all of the posts that you schedule with Post Scheduler. We're working making it where you can also attach videos to your post.

Although Facebook can ban your account at anytime for any reason, there's should be no reason you get into any issues using Post Scheduler

No. We offer monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans. If you go rouge or decide your finished with making money on social media, loose your mind and go crazy, or just want to cancel at anytime you can. We make it easy for you.

Yes absolutely. Please goto the "affiliate" section at the bottom of the page to sign up and start referring!

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SME Profits © 2020. All Rights Reserved
This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook, Inc. Additionally, this site is not endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.
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